About Us

Beijing Jianguang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (JAC Capital) is a investment management company established for the purpose of investing in high-technology industries.
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Background of Shareholders
Leveraging its connection with JIC Capital and China Investment Corporation (CIC), JAC Capital could easily obtain support from banks, insurance companies, fund management companies and other financial institutions, which renders JAC Capital quick access to financial resources.
Industry Association
JAC Capital is a council member of China Technology Finance Industry Association (CTFIA), which has over 300 membership companies. CTFIA's membership companies span the global Integrated Circuit (IC) value chain, from design, manufacturing, packaging & testing, equipment, material to end-market applications.

Background of Management
JAC Capital's management team has a mixed blend of industry and financial background. Its core management team and advisory group come from Micron, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), Infineon, and ZTE, as well as from established financial institutions like Merrill Lynch, China Life and CIC.

Government Relations
Throughout the years, JAC Capital has established good relationships with local governments. It has signed Agreement on Strategic Collaboration, and launched Strategic Emerging Industry Funds with local governments.

International Collaboration
Many of JAC Capital's team members have extensive working and management experiences in overseas semiconductor companies. Leveraging their industry network, JAC Capital is granted first-hand update of insights and trends in the IC industry, as well as access to potential Mergers & Acquisitions targets.

Investment Experience
Currently, JAC Capital manages over 10 industry funds dedicated for investment in semiconductor and other high-technology fields, on both domestic and international front.