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Beijing Jianguang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (JAC Capital) is a investment management company established for the purpose of investing in high-technology industries.
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JAC Capital is a subsidiary of JIC Capital Management Ltd. (JIC Capital), which is a member company of China Jianyin Investment Ltd. (JIC).

JIC Capital is
 a private fund management company that engages in investment management and operation of private funds, including venture capital, buyout, and industry funds. The company also offers investment banking and financial consulting services related to fund investment. Its investment focus spans medicine and healthcare, electronic information technology (integrated circuits), as well as new and clean energy. 

China Jianyin Investment Ltd. (JIC) was established in September 2004 under the approval of the State Council, with the mission to promote technical progress and industrial upgrade. As an integrated investment group with over 10 member companies, JIC invests main through equity investment. In years to come, JIC will pay more attention to opportunities presented by advanced manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection. It will also focus on culture and media, information technology, financial services and asset management, pensions and healthcare, consumption upgrade, urbanization, and commercial real estate.